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AirPay Visa


AirPay Visa is the first truly smart payment card for all businesses. It transfers receipts directly from cash registers to your company’s bookkeeping while saving time, money, and nature. AirPay makes paying easy — like air.

Save with AirPay

Entering one paper receipt into bookkeeping takes almost nine minutes. A digital receipt is entered into bookkeeping in one minute. Calculate how much your business can save with the help of AirPay.

Number of people doing purchases
Purchases per month / person

84 €/year

5.52 kg/year

We have assessed the cost of processing one traditional receipt to be EUR 7/receipt and 0.46 kg in CO2 emissions. The carbon footprint of a receipt is created by its entire journey from the shop to the accounting firm. Both the amount of work and consumption of energy have been acknowledged. A digital receipt is transferred into the system without any in-between steps and additional labour. It is also efficient to process. (Source: The Climate Impact of Accounting Automation, Finance Finland. 2015.)

AirPay Online — more convenience

In addition to the payment card and app, we also offer the additional AirPay Online service for a fee. It makes it easier to manage your card purchases and makes your accountant’s job even faster.

Contact us

Would you like to know more about the possibilities offered by AirPay? Would you like to know why AirPay is the perfect solution for your business? Contact us and let’s talk more.

Call: +358 (0)10 5085 310 (Mon–Fri 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., EUR 0.0835/call +EUR 0.1669/min).

If your AirPay Visa card is lost and you want to close it:

You can close your card in AirPay Visa application. If you cannot log in to the application,
call: +358 (0)10 5085 310 (open 24/7, EUR 0.0835/call +EUR 0.1669/min).

Thank you.