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About us

The idea behind AirPay

Business payments and everything related to it are complicated matters. The international business cards that are currently available provide you with an invoice that only includes the merchants and grand totals of the receipts. Receipts must be processed through various routes. Believe it or not, receipts are still processed manually everywhere in the world, and technology has not been utilised sufficiently in the receipt processing.
We thought this needed to change.
We wanted to remove all complications related to business payments and bring an unforeseen convenience to the process. A service that would make everyone’s life easier and transform receipt processing for good. The idea was to use technology to replace the part of the work that no one even wanted to do in the first place. We wanted to make paying so easy and unobtrusive that it would feel like air.
Eventually, our plans turned to development, and the development work became a world-changing service. AirPay Visa was born — a card that will change the world.
Niko Sinervä, CEO Puh. +358 50 410 7206