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Change is made together

Digital receipts are a solution of the future. AirPay takes the idea even further. It is the first payment card service that covers the entire purchase path from the cash register to the company’s bookkeeping. Truly digital receipts are faster to process and save time, money and nature. Now, you have the chance to become part of AirPay’s unique story, as change is already here.

The best time to act is now

Right now, one European country after another is wondering what to do with paper receipts. They are a historical relic, and it is time to move into the era of digital receipts.

Even though the Nordic countries are leading the development of digital receipt solutions, the change for the better has been slow. We need more changemakers and customer interface services that make things easier and utilise electronic receipts in a smart way. AirPay is at the forefront of this work. Its unique service responds to tomorrow’s needs today.

Why should I join

Sales work is starting, development is done. A top team that is commercialising a new product on the banking market.

The company has immaterial property, such as technology, payment institution authorisation and a Visa membership. AirPay is part of the Visa Startup Accelerator Program.

The company is aiming for quick internationalisation, and the next probable funding round will be made with a venture capital actor.

AirPay Digital Oy

as a company

The AirPay Visa initiative is run by AirPay Digital Oy and a team of top Finnish technology actors. Get to know the people in our company, and read basic information about the company and our key figures.

Contact us

Would you like to know more about the possibilities offered by AirPay? Would you like to know why AirPay is the perfect solution for your business? Contact us and let’s talk more.

Call: +358 (0)10 5085 310 (Mon–Fri 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., EUR 0.0835/call +EUR 0.1669/min).

If your AirPay Visa card is lost and you want to close it:

You can close your card in AirPay Visa application. If you cannot log in to the application,
call: +358 (0)10 5085 310 (open 24/7, EUR 0.0835/call +EUR 0.1669/min).

Thank you.