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Save money

Every year, companies pay accountants EUR 0.8 billion to process their receipts. E-receipts make it faster to process receipts and can therefore create significant savings for companies. Do you know how much money your company spends on the processing of receipts?

Save time

Entering one traditional paper receipt into bookkeeping takes almost nine minutes. Entering a digital receipt into bookkeeping takes just one minute. That is a lot of working time saved each year.

Save nature

The more we can reduce the number of paper receipts, the more we can reduce the CO2 emissions created by them. To accelerate the positive change even further, we will plant one new tree in Madagascar for every 20 purchase transactions. Come change the world — one receipt at a time.

Gain a competitive

edge as a merchant

AirPay makes things easier for both the customer and the merchant. When receipts are transferred directly from the cash register to bookkeeping, the important information stays safe. In addition to being responsible, the ease of shopping also attracts more corporate customers.


Do you have questions about AirPay, its features and functionalities, or something else? The frequently asked questions are available in the FAQ section.